About Us

About Us

"Making Nonexistent Exist "

Six Sigma has been pushing the possibilities of Augmented and Virtual Reality before it was considered “COOL”. We’re America’s leading IT agency specialized in providing world class AR and VR solutions to businesses of all size and type. We create excellent applications that can be used for visualization, training, experiential events, research and most importantly, for fun. Our specialized approach has enabled us to deliver groundbreaking AR/VR content for global brands across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, automotive, gaming, travel, aerospace and a lot more. VR and AR Applications are ever growing, embrace the technology to provide excellent user experience every damn time.

Our Team

Partner with us and be rest assured because we have some of the most knowledgeable and creative minds in the industry.

Our agency encompasses a unique blend of experienced and fresh talent. Since inception we have been handling complex projects, but what sets us apart is our ability to connect the disconnected, reliability and breadth of expertise. As a company we like thinking out of the box, learning new techniques, and finding ways to become more creative and efficient.
Unsure where to begin? Talk to us. Our creative consultants are always available to answer your queries and unlock opportunities for your business. Our AR applications will enable your brand to make most of the reality.