Our Process

Elevating Quality Standards With Six Sigma's Effective AR/VR Process

Six Sigma is devoted to providing state-of-the-art services that deliver client satisfaction, and each project represents the excellence of our team. The following process is used to build bridges in order to connect dreams with reality.


The Client's Idea

From knowing the objective behind an idea to knowing the end result, our professionals make sure to understand it all.


Most Possible Solutions

The second step of our Six Sigma AR VR development team is to propose possible solutions and ideas to the clients. With the help of our professional expertise and broad experiential background, we make sure to present practical and innovative solutions.


The Prototype
Development of AR/VR technology

Our next step is for the Six Sigma design and development team of professionals to work on creating a prototype of the final idea or product. In this process, our skilled workers develop a prototype of the basic elements from the product's picture to test its functionality.


Stage Of Development

Once the prototype is approved by the client, our team of expert Sigma design software consultants moves further with the initial back-end development of the application, which includes steps like creating codes, integrating functional elements, and much more.


Design Development

Professionals working in the Sigma Design AR VR team of developers move further into working on the front-end development of the project by developing an interactive and functional User Interface (UI) that would assure a quality User Experience (UX).


Test And Deployment

Our last step includes the QA testers of the Sigma Design VR and AR team conducting different methods of testing to detect errors and flaws in the functionality and debug the product. After testing, we move forward to the successful deployment of the product in the market for users.


Our Milestones
Six Sigma Studios’
Journey Of Excellence

Let's take a plunge into our journey through our accomplishments, where each project signifies a step towards success. From our beginning to our remarkable achievements, our showcased achievements reflect our developers' and team's dedication, hard work, and passion toward each and every project.

Commonly Asked

We can imagine that after getting to know us, your brainwave might trigger some more queries. That is why we have gathered some commonly asked questions by other visitors.

We provide engagement and user satisfaction by creating immersive AR and VR designs to enhance digital products and lead to better interaction.

The timeline depends on the complexity of the tasks; a basic project might take less time, but a challenging project might take up to six months or more.

We conduct multiple quality assurance tests that help us provide ongoing maintenance with updates and bug fixes if they occur.

The cost of any project is based on the features and scope of the assigned task. Our experts provide customized quotes after discussing project details.

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Keeping The Audience Informed With The Most Recent And Advanced Projects Of AR And VR Tech.

In collaboration with medical professionals, we are teaming up with groundbreaking AR and VR applications that have the ability to revolutionize healthcare. From surgical training to education tools, we have the power to enhance medical practices.

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