Let go of all your worries about your time, effort, and hard earned money when you design your dream house. Stay far away from the regret of choosing the wrong paint, or getting expensive fixtures and then getting stuck with them. No more need to redo a project if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Ensure that all your furniture is at the right place. Virtual Walkthrough is a revolutionary app by Six Sigma Studio that helps you save your time and money big time whether you are a homeowner, a builder, a real estate agent, or an architect. Walk around your home freely and see that all your furniture fits perfectly. See if there are any issues that you can identify with the setting. Ensure that there are no edges sticking out. Examine every nook and cranny in real time. Have a blast!

"The experience was surreal to say the least. Here I was walking through my apartment that wasn’t even finished yet. I went from room to room and examined everything, each piece of furniture and every wall. The intricate details blew me away. Bravo! Six Sigma Studio. "

Stephen Reynolds