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Letting You Live Your Dream
With Your Eyes Open

Letting You Live Your Dream with Your Eyes Open


Designing a home requires a lot of money, time and effort. How many of you have selected a wall paint, regretted and redone it? Or how often have you moved your furniture to find the right spot? Virtual walkthroughs by Six Sigma have helped and save time and money of a range of homeowners, architects, builders, and real estate renovators. Via our generated VR content, users can freely walk and examine every corner of and detail of the space. No more limited areas, no more markers, but only your imagination. Our goal is to provide a whole new level experience to the users. Walk around your apartment and see if all the furniture fits all the sides and angles easily through augmented reality.

"Six Sigma is at the top of Virtual Reality World. The team does excellent, high quality work. That’s easy to see. What I’m most impressed with, however is the work that goes on behind the scenes. These guys made an extraordinary effort to get to know our goals and offered different solutions to help meet our needs. "

Stephen Reynolds

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