“Driving Innovation”
VR Automobiles:
Your Virtual Car Shopping Experience

In the ever-evolving dynamics of automotive design, VR technology is drastically pivoting the way vehicles are conceptualized and made. Through immersive prototyping, designers and engineers are collaborating from around the globe. Here's how VR is revolutionizing automotive design:

  • Unparalleled Creative Freedom
  • Real-Time Iterations and Collaboration
  • Enhanced Ergonomics and User Experience
  • Cost-Efficiency and Resource Conservation
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market Product
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Major Industries Transformed
Through VR Auto

Every nuance, every detail, every contour, and every curve is being reshaped, redefined, optimized, and enhanced by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a way we never imagined before and being pushed beyond the universe.


VR is revolutionizing how designers and engineers design, prototype, and optimize assembly lines and testing.


VR helps future doctors have interactive learning, and patients have interactive time at the hospital while admitted.


VR solution helps customers explore and buy products while sitting at home.


Let adventures and tourists explore places ahead of visiting them, helping them choose well-thought-out destinations.

Real Estate:

Rather than going to each of the intended-to-buy properties, explore them from home without getting exhausted.


Have a virtual environment where people can interact, engage, and go to cinemas, parties, malls, etc.

Automotive Industry:
Revolutionizing Car Designs

Enter a Realm Where You Can Conceptualize, Design, and Prototype As If Drawing in 3D Canvas

Create an alternative world where you can craft cars without worrying about material loss.

“Enhanced Safety”
VR in Automotive
Industry Enhancing Automotive Safety

In the pursuit of safer roads and vehicles, the integration of VR technology in automotive training programs has turned out to be a pivotal advancement. Through immersive and interactive simulations, VR is revolutionizing the way drivers, technicians, etc., are trained.

It is a catalyst for safety and preparedness, which will culminate in a reduction in accidents and mishaps. Here's how VR training is reshaping automotive safety:

  • Realistic Hazard Simulations
  • Defensive Driving Skills Enhancement
  • Technical Skill Refinement for Technicians
  • Emergency Response Preparedness
  • Psychological Impact Assessment
  • Continuous Training and Skill Maintenance
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“Stroll With Oculus”
Virtual Reality in Automotive Industry:
Transforming Your Virtual Car Shopping Experience

Revolutionize car shopping with virtual showrooms. Let customers test drive your cars without even turning on the ignition while staying still from the comfort of their chair in your showroom or home. There are no repercussions for mistakenly accelerating or applying brakes suddenly.

Gone are the days of traditional car shopping. Virtual Reality (VR) technology has ushered in a new era, transforming the way people browse, select, and buy cars. Virtual showrooms are at the forefront of this automotive revolution. Here's how virtual showrooms are reshaping the car-buying process:

  • Immersive Exploration
  • Interactive Features and Customization
  • Realistic Test Drives
  • Expert Guidance and Assistance
  • Time and Convenience
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“Accelerate Your Success”

Astounding Benefits
of AR VR In Automotive Industry

VR integration in Automotive has a plethora of quite game-changing benefits. By harnessing the power of VR, businesses can revolutionize their processes, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Top names like Audi, BWM, etc., have already stepped into this futuristic technology.


Enhanced Product Visualization

With VR, 3D simulations can come in handy to visualize every aspect of the product.


Accelerated Design and Prototyping

VR facilitates rapid prototyping and design iterations, as well as helping professionals collaborate, reducing time and cost.


Streamlining. Optimization

VR simulations can optimize assembly line layouts, process validation, and workflow efficiency, streamlining manufacturing processes, reducing errors, and improving productivity.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Professionals from different locations can work together on a specific aspect, fostering collaboration and expediting decision-making processes.

Reduced Costs and Waste

Detecting design flaws and assembly issues in the virtual stage helps businesses avoid costly mistakes in physical manufacturing.

Next-Level Marketing and Branding

Leverage VR in marketing campaigns and at events, leaving an ever-lasting impression on your prospective customers.

Gateway to Transforming Mere
Ideas to
VR Auto Realities

Our Development Process

  • 01
    Ideation and Conceptualization:

    We collaborate closely with you to understand their vision, brainstorm ideas, and conceptualize immersive VR experiences.

  • 02
    Design and Prototyping

    Our designers and 3D artists meticulously craft detailed virtual prototypes,i.e., 3D models of vehicles and interiors.

  • 03
    Development and Coding:

    Our developers implement realistic physics, dynamic lighting, and immersive soundscapes, transforming static models into immersive, dynamic experiences.

  • 04
    Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance:

    We thoroughly test functionalities, performance, user experience, etc., ensuring it is flawless, smooth, and seamless.

  • 05
    Development and Integration:

    We ensure a seamless deployment. Our team ensures smooth integration into your existing systems.

  • 06
    Continuous Support:

    Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. We offer support to keep your VR experiences ahead of the curve.

VR Automobiles:
Step Into Enhanced Reality with Us

We meticulously comprehend your requirements, and our developers, driven by an insatiable curiosity and unyielding passion for technology, become the stewards of your project, sculpting interactive and immersive marvels from lines of code. Every keystroke, every algorithm, and every pixel is infused with creativity and prowess.

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“Leveraging Top Technologies”

Tools & Technologies Leveraged by Our VR Developers for Immersive Realism


Unreal Engine


Oculus Rift



Photon Unity Networking


Unreal Engine


Crafting Tomorrow’s
Virtual Realities:
Hire Our Elite Developers

At Six Sigma Studios, Passion Fuels Innovation, and Code Breathes Life.

Hire a backend developer with a knack for transforming ideas into immersive experiences.

VR Automotive
Reshaping the
Auto World

Six Sigma Studios, Driven by Innovation, Bringing VR Revolution to the Automotive Industry

Let’s design automobiles without the fear of depleting resources.

Our team of project managers and developers thoroughly goes through your requirements, does collaborative ideation, takes you on board whenever needed, crafts visually appealing designs and prototypes that embody your vision and idea, and immerses themselves in your requirements. With a blend of their creative finesse and passion for automotive, our developers craft immersive VR experiences exuding perfectionism and realism. With AR and VR:

01 Virtual Showrooms:

Let the globe experience your cars from close with our immersive VR solutions tailored to your requirements.

02 Design and Prototyping:

Allow your artisans to create designs and prototypes as if they were drawing on a 3D canvas.

03 Training and Simulations:

Let our developers craft simulations that take you into another world, blurring the line between reality and imagination.

04 Driver Training:

Let trainees learn to drive hands-on without actually driving the car with our virtual prowess, reducing the chances of accidents.

05 Maintenance. Repair Assistance:

Our expertise can help guide the mechanics repairing your customers' cars so no hiccups or mishaps occur inadvertently.

06 AR Navigation:

Pave the way to the destination for your customers so they don't have to look down at the screen.

“Beyond The Borders”
Why Six Sigma Studios for
Virtual Reality in Automotive Industry

Expertise in Automotive VR:

The blend of our developers’ passion and finesse churns out solutions, exuding realism in immersive solutions.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We leverage the latest tools, game engines, and technologies to create high-quality, visually stunning VR solutions.

End-to-end Custom Solutions:

End-to-end solutions are tailored to enhance your showroom experiences, manufacturing processes, etc.

Attention to Detail:

Meticulous focus on 3D modeling, i.e., lifelike objects, interactivity, and user experience.

Our Achievements

That Define Our Success

We Are Elevating Industry Standards That Are Beyond Ordinary

We have received recognition for our exceptional expertise in providing AR and VR solutions from the esteemed Technology Association of the USA and other organizations.


Your Burning Questions, Answered. Feel Free to Hit Us Up if You Have More Queries.

VR helps designers and engineers create immersive 3D models more closely and allows them to visualize and manipulate designs in real time. VR integration leads to faster prototyping (blueprinting), iteration, and a more efficient design process.

Yes, VR solutions can be customized or tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing manufacturing workflows, enhancing and expediting processes such as assembly line planning, quality control, and employee training.

You can get VR simulations for almost all of the aspects of the automotive sector, to name a few: virtual showrooms, interactive training modules, assembly line simulations, safety training, and design prototyping.

Yes, absolutely. VR can create immersive virtual showrooms, letting your prospective customers explore car models, customizations, and features in a lifelike environment without even touching the car, enhancing their buying experience.

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