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Making Everything Around You Beautiful And Unique With Virtual Room Designs

Our experts create 3D renderings for your rooms, so you can experience your space before it is built.

$40.7 b

In 2020, the room design industry was valued at approximately $40.7 billion.


The average annual income of a room designer is $57K.

Experience the magic of Six Sigma Studios’ VR technology, created just for your room's designs. Move objects in your designs around the virtual sphere, change the themes of your designs, and place creative artwork on the wall. We provide better in-depth insights, and we keep up with the advancements in technology to bring inspiring ideas to life in a cost-effective manner.

We understand the importance of a room's design, and that is why we design it with the utmost dedication by creating bespoke designs based on the client's taste and needs. Get real experiences in our virtual reality room design.

Walk through your dream room by exploring different VR layouts, color schemes, and multiple arrangements to find the perfect match that compliments your room. Collaborate with our expert interior designers, who are experts in creating immersive and intriguing virtual reality room design models.

  • Remodel VR Designs
  • Make Instant Changes
  • Create Architectural Models
  • Form Instant Room Ideas
  • Choose Theme Options
  • Match Furniture and Decor
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Design With A Virtual Twist

Design A Virtual
Room By Stepping
Inside Your Vision With Us

We Create Refined, Luxurious VR Environments That Reflect And Enhance Your Lifestyle

We offer exciting 3D design models that are virtual, allowing you a walkthrough of your own so that you can have control of your room's designs without setting foot outside via virtual reality.

  • Our VR Room Setup Is A Fast And Fun Way To Choose Your Design
  • Our Designers Explore Every Aspect Of The Design's Model Virtually
  • Our VR Designs Eliminate The Need For Physical Prototypes
  • Our Designers And Developers Work Collaboratively On The VR Models
  • We Experiment With Different Designs And Variations
  • We Try Our Best To Stimulate The Look Of Multiple Elements
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Experience Our VR Room Ideas Before Implementing Them

We customize your designs as per your requirements so that you can notice the impact of each design in real-time with a visualized virtual room design.

Design A VR Room Setup And Bring Your Ideas To Life On Our Virtual Canvas

Virtual reality has become so much more than just a cool technology. It has become a necessity. We are utilizing the most advanced technology for our interior design models.

Volatile VR Room Design Style

We create the perfect mix of traditional and elegant lines and textiles using virtual reality room design.

Vogue VR Room Design Style

Our experts are pros at creating designs that are on trend with sleek surfaces; metal and chrome glass are our favorite choices.

Exquisite VR Room Design Style

We have designers who can transform your living spaces with VR designs specially designed for 3D models.

Coeval VR Room Design Style

Our designers are experts in creating styles that are evolving throughout time with the integration of VR layouts.

Functional VR Room Design Services

We focus on creating designs that have a neutral color scheme with VR technology to give a minimalist look.

Whimsical VR Room Design Style

We design the most trending VR for you to experiment with a boho atmosphere, which is a free-spirited aesthetic.

Creating Inspiration In Every Room

Enhanced Virtual Room Design

Our designers put all their efforts into creating a VR room setup that makes the best possible use of the available space. We emphasize the importance of emotional impact in a well-designed room.

  • Our experts consider the spacious look of your room
  • We provide creative design elements that enable you to select a theme
  • Our virtual room design models always focus on lighting and skylights.
  • We focus on the primary factor that affects the aesthetics of a room
  • We try our best to add character to your VR room setup with creative textures
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Amazing Interiors

We Are Connecting People With Their Style In A VR Room Setup

We craft designs with creative and innovative elements to inspire you with VR room ideas as an overlay by building every pillar of your room with dedication and by balancing the fractions of style and art.

Are you debating between rug selections for your room? Get a walkthrough of your room and choose rugs and color themes of your choice.

  • Fill The Questionnaire
  • Provide Information About The Desired Aesthetics
  • Then, We Will Provide You With Unique Recommendations
  • Our Experts Will Conduct A Telephone Session To Understand Your Style
  • Lastly, We Create A Bridge To Your Imagination With Our Virtual Room Design
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Creating Details That Matter

Design A Virtual Home And Expand Your Horizons Beyond Reality

Designing a unique and inspiring home requires a lot of energy and budget planning. How many times have you regretted your selected wallpaper and lighting and had to spend more money to redo it?

We have already helped more than 3.5 million homeowners renovate their rooms with style and VR technology by saving energy and money and bringing them a VR room setup so that they can choose each and every element of their own choice.

  • Set the exact floor plan.
  • Choose furniture from integrated, constantly updated VR catalogs
  • Virtually move the furniture without pulling a muscle
  • Visualize different colors and décor
  • See your design in 3D and 2D
Revamp Your Room

Creating Masterpieces!

Enter A New World Of Possibilities With Virtual Room Design And Learn its Benefits

Shift to virtual reality mode and put on a headset to see what your future home will look like. Design and rearrange furniture and heavy decor without straining your muscles or feeling fatigued. Six Sigma Studios is here to assist you in utilizing virtual reality to create an exquisite interior design for your rooms and living spaces.


Powerful Decision-Making Option

We are inspiring clients by turning to virtual reality technology, allowing them to easily immerse themselves in realistic designs.


VR Room Designs And Friendly-Budget Plans

Our expert designers use VR to create creative and tailored environments, saving the cost of physical stores and showrooms.


Space Conceptualization

Have a better look in real-time with virtual reality in interior designs and provide them with the most real experience.


Coordination With Clients

Virtual room design helps in collaborating with clients to record their requirements for designs and reduce costly changes.


Exploring New Elements

Our room design services are used for experimenting without the need to shop for different decorative equipment or spend extra money.


Ornamental VR Room Setup

We are revolutionizing VR technology by providing creative and lucrative interior ideas that clients can experience in real life.

Our VR Room Design Process:
We Are Creating The Art Of Stylish Living

Crafting Thoughtful And Livable Spaces

  • 01

    Understanding Aesthetic Designs

    The primary step that we take is to consult with you to get to know your requirements for the project.

  • 02

    Organizing Your Room's Design Plan

    We create a virtual floor plan to represent real-world spaces using virtual reality space design.

  • 03

    Interpreting Client's Requirements

    We create a comprehensive script that records the customer's experience during their VR experience.

  • 04

    Assigning The Best People

    We utilize the most efficient talent within our company to organize the project's delivery and execute the VR project on time.

  • 05

    Deployment Of Our Adorning Designs

    We implemented a book feature so that experts can code the VR room design on the basis of 3D modeling.

  • 06

    Assured With A Final Quality Check

    The VR experience is tested for bugs and glitches, and then the project is ready for deployment.

Get The Most Out Of Your VR Room

Turning Empty Rooms Into Bespoke Designs

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DreamPlan Home Design
Planner 5D
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Hire A VR Room
Designer To
Transform Your Rooms

Hire a virtual reality developer and transform your spaces.

Use basic features to add elements and décor of your choice and transform your rooms with us.

Exclusive Room Design
Services: Let Us Help
You Love Where You Live

Captivate yourself with a room design that you own and dive into a new world of interior design and visualization.

We are helping our clients understand new dimensions of design and styling with 3D and VR modeling.

We dive closely into each client's requirements for a VR room setup because we believe in providing personalized services. Our expert designers and developers aim to provide unique and cost-effective services as technology continues to evolve, and we want you to evolve with it.

01 Stunning VR UI Design

Our designers place your audience in an immersive world that connects them with your brand or service like never before.

02 VR Home Design

Your search for the perfect home ends now. Build your dream home from the ground up by collaborating with our designers.

03 VR Interior Design

Walk through the property even before the work has started. Know what to expect. Find out which color works for you.

04 VR Room Design

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05 VR Architecture Design

Our team is skilled in designing interactive environments for the visualization of all types of residential and commercial architectural designs.

06 VR Data Visualization

Our team of highly skilled VR designers helps you turn huge amounts of data into an immersive and innovative virtual product.

Our Achievements

That Define Our Success

We Are Elevating Industry Standards That Are Beyond Ordinary

We have received recognition for our exceptional expertise in providing AR and VR solutions from the esteemed Technology Association of the USA and other organizations.


Explore more about virtual reality room design in our FAQs section. Quickly get expert answers to your queries.

It's a technology that allows designers to create 3D models of interior spaces that can be viewed in real time.

We use specialized VR technology to create 3D models and will ask you for changes and elements that you want to add by using our customized design services.

Select elements and décor of your choice and remodel the design with the help of our experts. Choose the theme that suits your style and revamp your room through our VR software without wasting time and energy.

If you have more questions, click here to get all your answers from our experts.

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