Mastering The Art Of Realities

Transforming Interiors With
VR Interior Design

We are creating a full visual representation of homes in the style and design of your choice.

Building technologies that can design your future home with virtual reality interior design.


The talent of interior design in the USA can be summed in the ratio of


Interior design jobs are expected to increase by 13% worldwide by 2025

Six Sigma Studios will create virtual models for your home and make stunning and alluring impressions when these designs are viewed with a VR headset. We understand that people like to see complete visuals instead of just a number of items that replace their home’s old look. Six Sigma Studios is just the solution to transferring your current home into an imaginary environment and letting you visualize it beforehand.

Experience the magic of Six Sigma Studios, move objects in your designs around the virtual sphere, change the themes of your designs, and place creative artwork on the wall.

We provide better in-depth insights, from interior home decor to architectural layouts; we keep up with the advancements in technology to bring inspiring ideas to life in a cost-effective manner.

Collaborate with our expert interior designers, who are experts in creating immersive and intriguing virtual reality interior design models.

  • Remodel VR Designs
  • Make Instant Changes
  • Architectural Designs
  • Instant Room Designs
  • Create Theme Options
  • Furniture And Placements
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Teleport To A New World

Innovate Your
Interior Design Ideas
With Interior Design VR

We are enhancing the idea of technology with virtual reality and innovation to have the home of your dreams.

Your satisfaction is our priority; we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, choices, and styles to make sure that every detail is customized to turn your innovatively designed interior home ideas into a virtual design.

  • We Start With Consultation And Discussions
  • Our Team Suggests More Creative Ideas
  • We Provide Complete Transparency With Your Ideas
  • We Will Guide You Through Designing And Making 3d Models
  • After Your Feedback, We Will Refine Your Ideas
  • We Provide Detailed Plans To Initiate Your Design Plan
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Customize Your Space And Your Style
With Our VR Interior Design

We have a team of top-notch experts with the most relevant experience in the field of interior design through virtual reality.

Designing Spaces That Inspire Lives with Multiple Designs

We understand what values you the most, which is why we offer you the chance to go one step forward because we are creating a virtual reality interior design just for you.

Transitional VR Interior Design Style

We create the perfect mix of traditional and elegant lines and textiles using VR interior design software.

Modern VR Interior Design Style

Our experts are pros at creating VR designs that are designed, with metal and chrome glass being our favorite choices.

Eclectic VR Interior Design Style

We have designers who can transform your living spaces with VR designs specially designed for 3D models.

Contemporary VR Interior Design Style

Our designers are experts in creating styles that are evolving throughout time with the integration of VR layouts.

Minimalist VR Interior Design Services

We create designs with neutral color schemes using VR technology to give a minimalist look to the design’s model.

Bohemian VR Interior Design Style

We design the most trending VR for you to experiment with a boho atmosphere, which is a free-spirited aesthetic.

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Virtual Interior Design:
Shaping the Future Of Home Décor

Browse the Six Sigma Studios catalog and choose from numerous options. Point your phone or tablet at your selected item in the catalog and experience the magic of 3D interior design VR! Gain more confidence in purchasing the chosen product. We are focused on providing a positive user experience that leads to your satisfaction.

  • Find And Test Products Remotely
  • Interactive Presentation Of Vr Designs
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Increased Profitability During Buying
  • Satisfied Purchase
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Admire Your Inner World

Crafting Designs Virtually And Vibrantly

Design creates culture, culture shapes values, and values determine the future! Walk through your home even before the work has started and know what to expect. Our skilled team is devoted to designing interactive designs and visualized environments for all sorts of residential and commercial architecture for futuristic design.

We know how important it is for you to have a home with the most delicate designs, and we understand that you cannot take risks. That is why we bring VR interior design: a chance to move forward by creating your very own tailored interior models by mixing creative themes.

  • We Design Your Space
  • We Send You The Project’s Details
  • We Make The Changes Proposed By You
  • We Deliver You The Final Project
  • We Wait For Your Feedback
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Experience A 3D Walkthrough

The Matrix Of Virtual Reality

Developing a VR experience needs elaboration, planning, and execution. Our experts are passionate designers who create 3D interior designs based on Virtual reality interior design. These developers completely dive into the technology to provide you with a closer reality of your future interior design.

Are you ready to see your dream house come to life? We offer unique opportunities to collaborate with our expert and passionate designers to craft every pillar and every wall just the way you like. VR has become so much more than just a cool technology.

  • Save Your Time For Decision-Making.
  • Picture Yourself In Your Dream Home.
  • Have Full Control Of The Smallest Detail
  • Get Satisfaction From Final Results
  • Give Feedback And Make Changes Easily
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Making Dreams Tangible

The Rise of Virtual Reality and Its Benefits in Interior Design

Are you curious to know what your future home will look like? There's no need to wait that long. Six Sigma Studios is here to assist you in utilizing virtual reality to create an exquisite interior design.


Efficient Decision-Making Technique

We are inspiring clients by turning to virtual reality technology, allowing them to easily immerse themselves in realistic designs.


VR- Technology Increases Affordability

Our expert designers use VR to create tailored environments, saving the cost of physical stores and showrooms by saving time.


Better Space Visualization

We put our efforts into keeping a balance between designs and virtual reality in interior designs and providing them with perfection.


Easy Collaboration with Clients

Virtual interior designs help in collaborating with clients to record their requirements for designs and reduce costly changes.


Experimenting With Materials

Our interior design services are used to experiment with creative materials and unique finishes without shopping for tools.


Enhancing Home Visualization

We are revolutionizing VR technology by providing creative and lucrative interior ideas that clients can experience in real life.

Our Interior Design Process:
Style Your Space From
Ordinary To Extraordinary

Enhancing The Art Of Interior Designs

  • 01

    Our Imaginative Design

    The primary step that we take is to consult with you to get to know your requirements and the goals of the project in detail.

  • 02

    Plans To Create Flawless Designs

    The next step is creating a virtual floor plan to represent real-world spaces using Virtual Reality Interior Designs.

  • 03

    Managing Client’s Design Script

    We create a comprehensive script that records the customer’s experience during their VR experience.

  • 04

    Assigning The Best People

    We utilize the most efficient talent within our company to organize the project’s delivery and execute the VR project on time.

  • 05

    Our Luxurious Project Delivery

    Our experts code the VR interior design on the basis of 3D modeling, and more creative assets are created.

  • 06

    Quality Check And Deployment

    Our experts deploy the VR project across multiple platforms and operating systems to maximize engagement.

Our Tech-Stack

Crafting Designs For Modern Living

Draft it
DreamPlan Home Design
Planner 5D
Draft it

Hire VR Designers
Give Meaning To
Your Living Spaces

Learn how Six Sigma Studios can help you create innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Hire UI UX designers who craft and create the perfect blend of design and an immersive real-time experience just for you.

Creating Elegance In
Every Corner With Tailored
Interior Design Services

We strategize designs for your home, infusing VR interior design software with an effective visual representation.

We examine each client’s recommendations and requirements because we believe in providing personalized services.

Our aim is to provide unique and cost-effective services as technology continues to evolve, and we want you to evolve with it. We are creating endless virtual possibilities with innovation and creativity. We make it easy to collaborate with clients through our 3D visual effects in virtual reality.

01 Stunning VR UI Design

Our designers place your audience in an immersive world that connects them with your brand or service like never before.

02VR Home Design

Your search for the perfect home ends now. Build your dream home from the ground up by collaborating with our designers.

03VR Interior Design

Walk through your property even before the work has started. Know what to expect. Find out which color works for you.

04VR Room Design

Want to decorate or redesign your room? Now, you don't have to work on assumptions and guesswork anymore.

05VR Architecture Design

Our team is skilled in designing interactive environments for the visualization of all types of residential and commercial architectural designs.

06VR Data Visualization

Our team of highly skilled VR designers helps you turn huge amounts of data into an immersive and innovative virtual product.

“Interior Innovation”

Spreading Chic Elegance
Across Multiple Industries

Our Achievements

That Define Our Success

We Are Elevating Industry Standards That Are Beyond Ordinary

We have received recognition for our exceptional expertise in providing AR and VR solutions from the esteemed Technology Association of the USA and other organizations.


Got questions? Our expert developers and talented designers have all the answers.

Virtual reality helps in interior design by providing you with a real-time experience of the design model to let you identify how your home will turn out when it’s revamped.

Well, the most important thing we need to consider is the environment that we are providing in the design model and the 3D graphics, because this provides a real feeling when the client visualizes the design.

Yes, our projects are integrated with VR technology as we are stepping into the future, and making use of its advancements is what we do best. The time needed for VR design development depends on the projects and designs that the clients recommend.

If you have more questions, click here to get all your answers from our experts

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In collaboration with medical professionals, we are teaming up with groundbreaking AR and VR applications that have the ability to revolutionize healthcare. From surgical training to education tools, we have the power to enhance medical practices.

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